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Kate Lind & Nate Stevens created Pincause as a non-partisan approach to spreading love and uniting people around important causes. It all started with the Women’s March when they commissioned an artist to create a pin that raised $2 from every pin sold for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU. After 12 weeks, from their 500 sq ft. apartment in Ann arbor, MI, they raised $95k to support women’s rights.

Pincause now commissions artists to raise money for other critical causes, from the Refugee Crisis to the March for Science. Each pin features original works of art that create a unifying visual force and raises money for organizations doing outstanding work. Kate & Nate believe Pincause is proof that a little idea can have a big impact, and when people work Together in Love, they can solve any problem.  


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Press Release

March For Science & Pincause Launch Official March Pin

Ann Arbor, MI - The March for Science is partnering with Pincause to bring science out of the lab and onto lapels. On April 22, hundreds of thousands of people worldwide will take to the streets with an unprecedented message - Science, Not Silence.

"We believe in Science, not Silence. With this little work of art by Penelope Dullaghan, Pincause is bringing science supporters together and with an aim to raise $200,000 for the march - one pin at a time!" said Valorie Acquino, March for Science co-chair.

“The Pincause design captures some of the magic of science, and people have been drawn to it. After only five days of pre-sales, over 13,000 pins have been purchased. People are gearing up for the April 22 marches.” says Julia MacFall, Head of Fundraising for the March for Science.

“This is a critical time for not just the science community, but for humanity and our planet. Staying silent is no longer an option.” says Kate Lind, Pincause co-founder. “Believers of evidence-based policy making need to get out into the community and make sure their voices are heard,” says Nate Stevens, Pincause co-founder.

$2 from each pin will benefit the March for Science, helping them leverage the power of art to launch a global initiative that advances the relationship between democracy and science. Their effort begins with marches on April 22 and a teach-in at the National Mall in Washington DC, but the movement will not stop there. The March for Science plans to continue promoting science education and activism well after the marches.

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