Official Pin - The March for Science

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Official Pin - The March for Science

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Sticker Set - March for Science 

The Science, Not Silence pin brings science out of the lab and onto your lapel. On April 22, 2017 hundreds of thousands of people world wide participated in Marches for Science with an unprecedented message - Science, Not Silence. With this little work of art by Penelope Dullaghan, Pincause is bringing these science supporters together and with an aim to raise $200,000 for the continued efforts of the March for Science - one pin at a time!

For each Science Not Silence Pin you buy
This money helps the March for Science launch a global initiative to advance the relationship between democracy and science. You can also make a donation Here
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Manufacturer:   PureButtons in Cleveland, Ohio
Dimensions:   2.5 inches diameter
Finish:   Matte 
Material:  Made with 30% post-consumer recycled paper

    Raising $75K for the March for Science

    • $48,670 Raised
    • 24,101 Pins & Stickers