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Safe. Abortions. For. Everyone... Everywhere!

Women’s healthcare is under attack all over the country in the form of “fetal heartbeat bills” that make abortions illegal once a heartbeat can be detected in a fetus. This can occur as early as the sixth or seventh week of a pregnancy, often before women know they are pregnant. Join Pincause and use your voice to say that every woman in this country deserves access to proper healthcare and safe abortions.

If you live in one of the states considering a bill, or even if you don’t, let leaders know you don’t support it. Together in love we can speak for the women in the states who would be impacted by these callous rules.

$4 from each pack of 3 pins supports Planned Parenthood Southeast

What States Have These Bills?

The courts blocked these laws in North Dakota and Arkansas in 2015, but recently there has been a resurgence.

  • Georgia Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia has until May 12 to sign the Living Infants Fairness and Equality (LIFE) Act.
  • Ohio and Mississippi have laws that go into effect on July 1.
  • Iowa and Kentucky signed legislation that has been blocked by the courts.
  • 8 other states have laws that are either introduced or pending: Florida, Maryland, Minnesota, Missouri, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, West Virginia

What Can You Do?

Choosing when and how to start a family is an intensely personal choice, and one in which elected leaders should have no role. We ask you to support this Pincause and use your voice to speak out against fetal heartbeat bills in any form.

Contact state governors and tell them you support Safe Abortions for Everyone!

 State Status of Legislation Governor's Office Phone
Georgia Awaiting Governor Kemp's signature (404) 656-1776
Ohio Goes into effect July 1st (614) 466-3555
Mississippi Goes into effect July 1st (573) 751-3222
Iowa Blocked by the courts (515) 281-5211
Kentucky Blocked by the courts (502) 564-2611
Florida Introduced (850) 488-7146
Maryland Introduced (410) 974-3901
Minnesota Introduced (651) 201-3400
Missouri Introduced (573) 751-3222
South Carolina Introduced (803) 734-2100
Tennessee Introduced (615) 741-2001
Texas Introduced (512) 463-2000
West Virginia Introduced (304) 558-2000
Alabama Introduced legislation to make all abortion a felony (334) 242-7100

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