Kate + Nate

Hi! It's nice to virtually meet you. We are Kate + Nate!

We live together in a small apartment in downtown Ann Arbor, Michigan.  In our 500 Sq feet we take the photos, run the website, pack shipments, write copy- and have a lot of fun. 

We founded Pincause as a way to bring people Together in Love and support the organizations that shape people’s futures. Pincause is non-partisan. No political party has the market cornered on LOVE, and we can all have a little more of it in our lives. Partnering with artists, we design beautiful artwork accessible by everyone, and let's people show they support the causes that matter most to them. 

Outside of the Pincause movement, we have some fun hobbies. Kate is an ice skater. Nate is a swimmer and amateur juggler.  We are both fans of the mid-century modern style. We are also both fans of Nate's cooking (especially Kate). 

If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you. We have the Pincause Blog to capture our story. 

Thank you, 
Kate + Nate