Call for Artists: March for Science’s New Campaign

Submission Period: Tuesday, October 10 - Friday, October 20 by 5PM ET

The March for Science is hosting an open call for artists to create ‘The Vote For Science Pincause.’  This Pincause will be a 2.5” round work of art that sparks a nationwide conversation and inspires science supporters to act: make science part of policy making.  The winning artist will receive $2,500, and the opportunity to further develop the look of this national campaign. 

The original “Science Not Silence” March For Science Pincause, designed by Penelope Dullaghan, has sold over 25,000 copies and been seen in numerous national press outlets.  Your Pincause will have a similar impact.  A minimum of 10,000 pins will be produced and made available for purchase at, and will directly benefit the March for Science’s Vote for Science campaign.

Submission Details: Artists should develop concepts that are appropriate for use on a button, especially in terms of their readability and scale. Artwork should be inspired by the Vote for Science Mission: Creating a direct link between science supporters and their policymakers to strengthen science’s voice in policy and politics. Other points:

  • The artwork should set a positive tone and ignite productive conversations.
  • The artwork’s connection to the existing brand and palette, as well as integration of the phrase “Vote for Science” will be considered.
    Who Can Apply: This submission process is open to artists everywhere.
    Deadline for Submission: 5PM ET on October 20th, 2017
    Apply by emailing your artwork submission:
    Selection Process: The Finalists will be chosen October 24th, 2017 by a group of judges including Sloane Henningsen and Koren Temple-Perry from the March for Science, Kate Lind and Nate Stevens from Pincause, and independent artists. Compensation: The winning Artist will receive $2,500 and 100 pins.  The Selected Artwork will be considered Work for Hire and thus the copyright of The March for Science.  The artist will be fully credited for their work, and have the opportunity to create a working relationship with the March for Science. We look forward to seeing your art! Apply or direct questions to:

    More about our call for art: 

    We greatly respect the artist community, and this open call is meant to discover and inspire the artists who are excited about Science and the role it can play in policymaking.  We hope this democratic approach will make the Science community feel connected to the process and yield work that inspires people to participate in the critical issues that science in policymaking can address.  Pincause has done a call for art before in order to encourage all-types of people who are passionate about the specific cause to share their talent and vision. This is the hope with this call for art as well.  We want to encourage people who consider themselves visual artists or enjoy creating art but do not work at it professionally to apply as well - we would love to see entries from people of all ages, backgrounds, and professional levels. Signed, Kate + Nate